Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Burnaby

Transform Your Kitchen with Cabinet Paint in Burnaby

Kitchen renovations are a dream come true. You can finally transform the heart of your home to reflect your taste in high style. We all start our days in the kitchen, sipping coffee or corralling kids. It’s the natural gathering spot during get-togethers. But that dream renovation costs a pretty penny.

No need to spend large amounts of money on kitchen renovations. What to do with those outdated wood cabinets? Let Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd handle the work. Painting kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen space a whole new life! The cost to paint kitchen cabinets is minuscule compared to purchasing new cabinetry. Painting and re-staining kitchen cabinets is easy on your wallet. When the job is done right, even you will be fooled into thinking they are brand-new, and store bought.  For the job to be done right, you need our services. Call us now for details and pricing information.

Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd Cabinet Refinishing

Updating your cupboard doors, drawer fronts and island panels isn’t an easy process for homeowners. All pieces to be painted must be removed in order for correct even paint coverage. This isn’t a job for just anyone. It is a long, tiring, exacting process. We specialize in paint upgrades and have refinished countless kitchens over the years. Flat doors and panels can be adorned with chair rail to imitate the shaker style look so popular today. Any color can then be sprayed on. Once the doors and panels are back in place you wont believe they are the same ones as the day before. Your kitchen will be new, and your formerly drab cabinets will be a feature of the new look. Guests will ask if you remodeled when all we did was a little cabinet paint magic. You’ll spend a fraction of the cost for a look that impresses as if it’s brand new. Pretty good bang for your buck there.

The Best Paint Services for Kitchen Cabinets

Our services include:

  • Removal and reattachment of doors, hardware, hinges, drawers
  • Scrubbing surfaces to be painted removing dirt, grease and residue
  • Filling dents and holes
  • Sanding and priming
  • Upgrading with wood trims to mimic more ornate styles
  • Painting kitchen cabinets, panels, drawer fronts
  • Re-staining kitchen cabinets, panels, drawer fronts
  • Spraying your wood for the most even finish available
  • Specialty paints and finishes when desired
  • Affixing new hardware on cabinetry
  • Caring for your home by protecting all other surfaces from paint, ensuring proper ventilation and doing full clean up

Free Estimate for Cabinet Refinishing Services

Don’t rush out to buy the materials we already have in stock for your ‘new’ kitchen cabinets. Enjoy picking your colors, finish and hardware. Leave the cabinet refinishing to the Burnaby cabinet professionals.

Call (604) 721-1715 now to set up your appointment for a free estimate.