Stucco in Burnaby

There is much to consider about stucco for today’s homeowner. It can be used for its valuable function on a home’s exterior as a durable, flexible, protective siding. In certain applications it can enhance energy efficiency with its insulation properties. It can be used as a design element within the home to provide texture, warmth, and visual interest.

Stucco is a coarse material, that should be applied and installed by a professional contractor. Our local stucco contractors provide challenging but efficient stucco work. Our team is experienced in layering the material and completes each job properly. We are here for you and your stucco needs. Give us a call today to discuss our services and pricing information.

Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd For Stucco Siding

Traditional stucco siding is a game changer for your home’s exterior. Perfect for any home where there is year-round heat, hot summers, or cold winters. It is especially resistant to water. It absorbs less water and resists water damage better than its synthetic counterpart.

Made up of sand, lime and water it is also fire-safe. Because it is harder when finished, it’s also more difficult to break, dent or chip. Pesky woodpeckers will look elsewhere for their fix. Applied in layers over a framework of either wire or wood (called a lath) it does provide some insulation as well. It bears repeating: from start to finish this is not easy work. Save time and money by calling Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd. The work will be properly done—guaranteed.

Synthetic Stucco Installation in Burnaby

When looking for a synthetic stucco of your choice, consider EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems). Modern synthetic stucco siding is a revelation for today’s homeowner. It provides superior insulation performance, keeping temperatures cool or warm inside the home. This is because rather than wood or wire, it is layered over a foam insulation board. Once finished it actually expands and contracts along with seasonal temperature fluctuation. This flexibility means it can withhold weather damage for years to come. Like its traditional counterpart, it’s fireproof, and it won’t fade or yellow with time.

The Best Team for Interior Stucco

If you have been seeking the perfect complement to your exposed brick, woodwork or stone, look no further than stucco. The warmth and style it adds to any vintage or rustic room is an eye-catching match made in design heaven. Stucco’s texture contrasts in a modern space with a most unexpected, throwback quality. Think of it for your ceiling, fireplace, or feature wall. Hits of stucco throughout a room creates visual interest.

We offer many finishing styles for your interior stucco application, such as:

  • Dash
  • Sand Finish
  • Rock Finish
  • Lace or Smooth Finish
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Accents

Burnaby Residents Trust in Our Stucco

Together we can figure out if traditional or synthetic stucco is most advantageous for your home’s exterior or interior. For more information, like color tinting stucco, timelines and costs, please call us at your earliest convenience. We will answer all questions and set up a consultation at no cost.