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Stucco Repair Service

Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd is very eager for your business. We are extremely proud of our craftsmanship and dedication. Our team of experts at Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd take extra care in preparation, application, finishing and cleanup. We are the leaders in stucco repair.

We at Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd are homeowners just like you. We understand the value of quality service and a beautiful looking home. You can rest assured that our dedicated staff will treat your home as they would their own. You can count on their expertise to get the job done properly, beautifully and efficiently! Repairing your stucco is the best way to revitalize your home’s appearance while safeguarding the durability and longevity of your stucco walls. You will be completely satisfied with the professional repairs that our team will bring to your walls!


Stucco Patch Repair for Any Damage

Stucco damage is unsightly and can potentially create more damaging permanent effects, such as water damage. Consider one of many repair techniques that Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd can accomplish to safeguard your home. Or imagine an upgraded look for your interior or exterior walls. We offer the best stucco repair in the industry. From assessment to recovery and restoration, we provide full stucco repairs.

We are the most competent stucco repair company that performs the entire process from beginning to end. We are experienced and trained professionals with stucco, we can handle all repair work.

There is no surface that can’t be repaired or recoated, upgraded and enhanced with our stucco repair team. Our professionals at Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd can transform your home or business by employing our skillful stucco repair techniques to successfully restore and fix your interior or exterior walls.

Licensed Professionals in Stucco Repair

We are your leading licensed and insured professional residential painting company, specializing in stucco and stucco repairs. Every job is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We won’t start repairing your stucco issues until you are absolutely satisfied with your initial consultation. Our free written estimates will give you peace of mind, knowing exactly what to expect if you choose us for the stucco repair of your walls. Our expert contractors will not leave until you are completely satisfied with the job performed. We have confidence in our guarantee because of our proven track record of quality service and positive customer testimonials.

Our residential stucco and painting contractors are masters at their craft and use the most modern products and techniques to achieve the best repair job possible. We know that you expect a level of excellence when you choose us to repair and restore the stucco on your walls.

Stucco Repair for General Wear and Tear

If you have stucco on the exterior of your property, you already know about its incredible structural, insulating, and aesthetic properties. When stucco is correctly installed, it can last for years. But over time, rain and sun damage will leave their marks.

Luckily, cracks, chips, or holes are no problem for Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd. Our team specializes in stucco repair and restoration—we've seen it all. With us, you can rest assured that your old wall will look good as new in no time.

We Match Stucco Color and Texture

One of the difficulties of stucco repair is making sure that the patch blends seamlessly with the existing wall. Our team can match any color of stucco so that you won't be able to tell that there was an issue to begin with.

The same goes for textures. One of our favorite parts of working with stucco is the incredible variety and customization potential that it offers for finishing. Some of the most popular textures we work with include:

  • California finish
  • Dash
  • Lace
  • Smooth or scraped
  • Worm
  • Combed
  • Santa Barbara

If you don't see the texture you're looking for listed here or are unsure which one you have, don't worry. When we visit your property, we will match the repair finish to the existing finish. Our goal is to create a seamless finish so that the repair blends perfectly with the original surface. You're sure to be amazed by the results, guaranteed. Get in touch with us to schedule our services today.

High-Quality Stucco for Repairs

One of the best reasons to contact Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd for your stucco repairs is that we only use the highest-quality commercial-grade stucco. Our stucco mixes are specially designed to weather the elements and look beautiful for years. By combining our stucco mixes with careful and detail-oriented application procedures, we have created some of the best stucco work in the region.

It helps that we offer free, no-obligation quotes on stucco repair. Our quotes come with a full cost breakdown so that you know exactly where your money is going. Honesty, transparency, and high-quality workmanship are not just our priorities—they are the cornerstones of our thriving business.

Not Sure Whether to Repair or Replace Your Stucco?

Unless you're a pro, it can be hard to tell whether your stucco walls need to be replaced or repaired. So, if you're unsure, it's best to get a professional opinion. Call us to book a visit with one of our technicians, and we will do a full inspection and assessment. With all the details in mind, you will be able to make an educated decision about the costs and benefits of repairing your stucco walls.

When old stucco starts to crumble, it can begin to degrade quickly. But in most cases, it's not necessary to scrap the wall and start from scratch. We offer a range of stucco repair options, including re-finishing and patching. Stucco repair may be the solution you're looking for, so give us a call and book an appointment today.

Call Today for Your Stucco Repair Needs

Our team of professionals will save you time and money with our maintenance and repair stucco services. We will take the time to identify damaged areas and the root of the problem. We will offer solutions and suggestions for repair and will help preserve your home for years to come.

Call Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd the leaders in the stucco and stucco repair industry. We can guarantee proper installation, application and restoration for long-lasting results.

Contact us now for a free estimate!