Vancouver Choosing Paint Colors with Style

A simple call to Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd and our paint color experts will begin to make the process of choosing colors for your Vancouver home fun, not stressful.  Our trusted expertise knows what will be too dark and too light.  We know which colors have warm undertones and cool undertones.  We know which walls need an eggshell finish and which need satin. We know all the best whites, neutrals and grays.  We know how to make a small dimly lit room look bigger and brighter with wall paint colors.  We know how to make a large echoing space feel cozy and know countless of other interior paint ideas. 

We have years of experience in residential painting, that choosing colors and styles is second nature to us. We have tricks and tips to make the decision process that much simpler for you. Call us today to discuss your painting ideas.

Vancouver Experts in Bathroom Paint Ideas

The struggle for the best bathroom color is real.  If you’re lucky enough to have a sprawling bathroom then you can achieve the spa bathroom look.

With our help and know-how, we can give your bathroom the look you have in vision. With the right colors you can set the right mood and vibe for that room. We can lead you in the right direction and guide you towards the colors, patterns and techniques that are popular and in style right now.

Call us today for more ideas.

Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd’s Choice for Bedroom Paint Ideas

Bedrooms are where color choices become most personal. Some opt for cool tones that are famous for their properties of relaxation. Some prefer to paint the walls in a favorite shade, and others like to keep it neutral.  We have painted rooms with a coastal feel and a rock and roll vibe.  We’ve painted for a reading sanctuary, and for a sleep sanctuary.  Possibilities are endless and we know all the right colors to suit your main purpose. Browse our website to view our portfolio of bedroom paint projects.

Interior Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

We love when our customers want to have some fun with their kitchens.  This is the room where blues and turquoises come into play, or happy yellows.  We’ve seen red to enhance appetite and even apple green.  Playfulness and personality sparkle in a kitchen to make your home uniquely your own. We are overly familiar with color flow and can give you the best suggestions on which would work with your kitchen space.

Expert Advice for Exterior Paint Colors

The outside of your home should reflect the taste of the people who live inside.  Navy, red or a black front door adds visual interest and style. Your brick and siding can too!

Increase your curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior. We can help you find the style and look you want, from either modern to classic or vibrant to neutral, we can help you!

Call for More Wall Painting and Paint Color Ideas

The perfect colors and finishing’s on your home’s interior or exterior can transform your house into the one of your dreams.

Call (604) 721-1715 today, your color consultation awaits!