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Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd is the approved applicator of the Astec Re-Ply Roofing System in British Columbia.

Never pay to replace a roof that you can re-ply!

Installation Savings up to 50% or More

Save up to 2/3 the time and half the cost of replacing a roof.

ASTEC Re-Ply fluid-applied roof systems can be installed directly over most traditional roof substrates. Tear-off, land-fill fees, reconstruction, and long facility disruptions are eliminated.

A fluid-applied roof is a multi-layered system that creates a seamless waterproof seal over an existing, qualified, substrate; eliminating the need for costly roofing tear-off and replacement. Many roofs that are being torn off would qualify as substrates for conversion to sustainable, fluid-applied roofs, resulting in huge savings with the elimination of unnecessary expenses in facility downtime, reconstruction and disposal costs. Don’t let your roof waste your maintenance budget. Never pay to replace a roof you can convert to a sustainable (renewable) watertight roof.

The ASTEC fluid-applied re-roofing system has been installed on millions of square feet. It cures current problems as well as prevents future problems. The system stops water leaks, waterproofs and eliminates roof movement or thermal shock, the leading cause of roof leaks. Under roof temperatures are up to 25% cooler in the summer. The ASTEC system prevents corrosion, eliminates rust and deadens sound.

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    The ASTEC® RENEWABLE Warranty

    Ensures a sustainable, waterproof and weathertight cool roof for decades to come.

    At Warranty term, ASTEC® Re-Ply roofs can be restored to spec and the warranty renewed at a marginal expense

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