Wallpaper Hanging in Vancouver

The notion that wallpaper is outdated or passé exists only in the minds of people unaware of current trends in interior design. Modern wallpaper is breathtaking in its scope of gorgeous options for every room. Striking patterns, computer generated graphic prints and a return to natural elements in wallpaper only begin to describe what’s available now. The only thing still true about wallpaper’s reputation is that hanging wallpaper is a headache and a half. Call us. Its the way to add that stunning texture, color and design onto your walls without any of the frustration and heartache. 

When you call Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd you guarantee yourself the professional application of wallpaper. Let us hang the perfect paper you worked so hard to find so that it brings you nothing but joy. Leave it to Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd in Vancouver.

Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd Does Wallpaper Installation

Our team has several years of experience in wallpaper installation. Trust in us to hang your wallpaper straight and aligned to the four corners of your wall. Our wallpaper techniques are completed to perfection—no bubbles, blisters, pops or tears in the paper.

We will get it done right. We will use the right glue for the right paper. Specific papers require specific adhesive to prevent seams, bubbles, blisters and curling. The wrong adhesive will lead straight to wallpaper woes. Speaking of straight, we will measure and re-measure, and level and re-level your walls so that paper is never crooked.

We will pre-plan where to begin hanging and mock it out to assure no breaks in pattern or flubs in direction. We leave no lines overlapping, patterns out of sequence, bubbly surface or shaded colors. You won’t get amateur results with Sunrise Painting & Stucco Ltd.

Kitchen Wallpaper Your Home Deserves

What about the kitchen? The most important gathering spot in the home deserves to look special. Kitchen wallpaper is the ideal way to show some character without breaking the bank. Much less expensive and easier to clean than tile (with all its grout and rare material), kitchen wallpaper can replicate the look without the cost. Whether your home boasts a cozy country kitchen or a sleek industrial style, there is a wallpaper to compliment your room. Cover your backsplash, one wall or all walls for the kitchen of your dreams.

Our wallpaper can bring the right feel to your kitchen. Have your personality reflected in a whimsy wallpaper design. We have many options for you to choose from, such as bold stripes, bright colors, muted patterns, coastal imagery, geometric or even botanical prints. Call us today to add uniqueness to your kitchen.

Serving Affordable Wallpaper Hanging

With our years of experience, we can guarantee the best wallpaper for your home. We know the best fabrics and patterns that will work for different rooms. We won’t let colors or patterns clash with your interior design.

We always make sure to arrive on-site with enough material and all the equipment needed for the job as to limit delays in deadlines.

Call us at (604) 721-1715 so we can bring what you’ve imagined into reality with wallpaper!